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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Anaheim, CA

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are not necessary for most people. They were more important to our ancestors who had larger jaws and needed the extra teeth to help chew tough, coarse foods. However, as our diets have evolved and our jaws have become smaller, many people do not have enough room in their mouths to accommodate these teeth.

Why is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary?

Furthermore, wisdom teeth can often cause problems such as impaction, infection, decay, and crowding of other teeth. In some cases, they may even push other teeth out of alignment or damage nearby structures like the jawbone or nerves.

Because of these issues, many dentists and oral surgeons recommend removing wisdom teeth before they cause problems. However, there are some cases where wisdom teeth are healthy and properly aligned, in which case they can be left in place. Your dentist or oral surgeon can evaluate your individual situation and provide personalized recommendations for your dental health.

Can Wisdom Teeth Impact My Oral Health?

While most people develop wisdom teeth, these teeth rarely grow in properly or provide any benefits. In fact, they can cause serious issues such as changes in your bite and:

  • Infection and Gum Disease
    Wisdom teeth can become partially trapped beneath the gums, allowing food and bacteria to accumulate, leading to gum disease and cavities. This can result in the need for tooth extraction due to infection, such as pericoronitis.
  • Tooth Decay
    Because of their location, wisdom teeth are difficult for most people to clean effectively, making them prone to decay and cavities.
  • Tumors and Cysts
    Impacted wisdom teeth can develop into tumors or cysts that damage surrounding teeth and bones, requiring extensive treatment.

There are other reasons that your Anaheim dentists may recommend wisdom teeth extraction:

  • Sinus Complications: Infections in the gums surrounding your wisdom teeth can lead to sinus pain or infection due to their close proximity, resulting in symptoms such as inflammation, pain, and headaches.
  • Overcrowding: Properly grown-in wisdom teeth can still contribute to overcrowding in your mouth, which can compromise the effectiveness of brushing and flossing. This can lead to decay and damage to neighboring teeth, gums, and roots. In addition, if you have previously undergone orthodontic treatment, overcrowding can undo the results you have achieved.
Why is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary in Anaheim CA
When Do Wisdom Teeth Come In Anaheim CA

When Do Wisdom Teeth Come In?

The emergence of wisdom teeth typically occurs in individuals aged between 17 and 25 years old. The development of wisdom teeth begins around the age of 7, and they can be identified by dentists through an x-ray usually after the age of 12.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

The decision for when to extract wisdom teeth is based on individual dental health and history. Typically, it is recommended to remove them earlier rather than later, often before the patient is between 18 to 20 years old, to prevent potential problems that may occur once the third molars emerge. Occasionally, we may extract them before they even start to erupt.

What Should I Expect During Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

During a consultation, we will evaluate your dental health and discuss the reasons for removing your wisdom teeth. We will also explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Providing us with a comprehensive medical history is important to ensure optimal results.

Our experienced oral surgeons will perform either a simple or surgical extraction based on your specific needs. Regardless of the type of extraction, your comfort, safety, and convenience are our top priorities.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The extraction method depends on how much of the tooth is visible.

Simple Extraction: If the teeth have fully erupted and are in good condition, they can be easily removed with forceps.

Surgical Extraction: If the teeth are partially or fully impacted or if there are other issues like decay, infection, or bone disease, you may require a surgical extraction. In this case, your Anaheim dentist will use a scalpel to expose the tooth and roots. Then, the tissue connecting the wisdom tooth to the bone will be removed, making it easier to extract the tooth itself.

After the extractions, we will place self-dissolving sutures. If you are completely sedated, you will rest until you are fully conscious again.

What Sedation Options Are Available for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

For wisdom teeth removal, there are three main sedation options available:

  • Oral sedation medication to be taken before the appointment
  • General sedation given through an IV to induce unconsciousness
  • Nitrous oxide, a gas that you breathe through a mask to keep you calm.
How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed Dentist Anaheim CA
What is the Recovery Process for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Anaheim CA

What is the Recovery Process for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

After your wisdom tooth removal, you may experience some initial swelling and soreness. However, with the help of over-the-counter medication and any prescribed medication, you can manage the discomfort and prevent infections. It's crucial to take good care of yourself during the healing process to avoid any complications.

If you feel like something is off, don't hesitate to contact us right away. We're here to ensure that you heal properly and achieve optimal oral health.

Should Orthodontic Treatment Start Before or After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

When it comes to orthodontic procedures and wisdom teeth, the recommended timing can vary depending on age and individual circumstances. For younger patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, it may be preferable to remove wisdom teeth after the treatment is complete. However, for older patients with wisdom teeth still present, we may recommend extraction before orthodontic treatment begins.

How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal can depend on factors such as the type of extraction needed, the number of teeth being removed, and your insurance coverage. Prior to scheduling your extraction, we will review your care plan with you to ensure that you are aware of all associated costs.

Affordable and Effective Wisdom Teeth Removal

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