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Downloadable New Patient Forms at Dentist of Anaheim CA

New Patient Forms

Downloadable New Patient Forms at Dentist of Anaheim

Your Anaheim dentist and orthodontist rely on new patient forms to gain insight into your general health history, including any medical conditions and medications you may be taking. This information helps us tailor our care to your specific needs and avoid any potential conflicts.

In addition, your dental history is also crucial for us to provide you with the best possible care. In the past, filling out these forms could be a hassle, with patients having to arrive early or receive them by mail.

However, we've made it easy for you by providing downloadable forms that you can complete at your convenience. By filling them out ahead of time, you'll avoid the stress of forgetting important information or rushing when you get to our office. With this extra step taken care of, you can relax and look forward to your upcoming appointment.

We Make Visiting Your Anaheim Dentist as Convenient As Possible

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