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Air Abrasion

Air Abrasions Anaheim, CA

Air abrasion is a dental procedure that uses a high-powered, pressurized tool to remove small signs of decay, stains, and discoloration without the use of a drill. This technique is also known as microabrasion, as it utilizes small particles to lift out decay from affected areas, leaving behind healthier teeth and gum tissue. In Anaheim, CA, air abrasion is becoming a popular alternative to traditional dental methods due to its many advantages.

How is Air Abrasion Used in Anaheim?

During air abrasion treatment, a steady stream of small aluminum oxide particles, baking soda mixture, or silica is sprayed at the affected area on the tooth. The tool utilizes compressed air to blast away tooth decay, much like a sandblaster or pressure washer. The excess and decay are suctioned away with a thin tube, leaving behind more of the natural tooth tissue intact.

What Are the Advantages of Air Abrasion Treatment?

Air abrasion is a less invasive process that does not require pre-appointment consultation. Unlike traditional drilling methods, it gives off no heat or vibration, making it a great alternative for those who are sensitive to the drill noise and vibration. Air abrasion is also a simple process with less chance of chipping or fracturing of the tooth that can occur with traditional decay removal.

Additionally, air abrasion often requires less anesthesia because of the soothing effect of the high-pressured air and cooling particles. It cleans teeth, removes decay, and removes more surface stains and tooth discoloration without the use of more invasive methods.

How is Air Abrasion Used in Anaheim CA
What Is the Process for Air Abrasion in Anaheim CA

What Is the Process for Air Abrasion in Anaheim?

The air abrasion procedure is quick, typically lasting under 30 minutes, and requires no additional recovery time, especially since anesthesia is only needed for deep cavities. Dentists favor air abrasion for its reduced healing time, accuracy, and because it leaves behind more healthy tooth tissue. However, if there is hard enamel that needs to be removed in order to reach the extent of the tooth decay, a traditional drill may be used.

What Should I Expect During Air Abrasion?

During your air abrasion appointment, your dentist will first use rubber dams and cotton balls to protect surrounding teeth. They will then use the air abrasion tool to spray aluminum oxide or silica particles onto the affected surface under magnification and specialized lighting. A dental assistant will suction out excess debris, and a red chemical dye will be used to ensure all decay is removed.

If you are receiving a filling or composite bonding, an acid solution will be applied to roughen the surface for proper adhesion. The material will then be hardened under specialized lights and polished for a seamless finish.

What is the Cost of Air Abrasion in Anaheim?

The cost of air abrasion treatment is usually comparable to traditional drilling methods for removing decay. At Dentist of Anaheim, we will check your insurance coverage and provide you with a breakdown of all costs, including payment options available.

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